1952 Dec.
Established Asahi Polyslider Seisakusyo as a private limited company.
1956 Mar.
Reorganized as Asahi Polyslider Seisakusyo Company, Limited. and increased the capital to 4.5 millon yen
New plant was build at Nishiawaji Higashiyodogawa ,Osaka.
1968 Jan.
The production of polyslider tape and SAB started.
1971 Apr.
Kuse plant was built in Misaki Kuse-cho Maniwa-gun
(currently, Misaki, Maniwa),Okayama.
1974 Jan.
Increased the capital to 50 millon yen.
1982 Mar.
Increased the capital to 80 millon yen.
1982 Nov. The company name was changed to Asahi Polyslider Company, Limited.
1983 Sep.
The production of medical devices started.
1987 Feb. Certified as a medical device manufacturer. The production of lancet started.
1991 Aug. Registered to FDA as a medical device manufacturer.
1995 May. Obtained ISO 9001:1994/EN46001 (Lancet).
2001 Mar. Obtained ISO 14001.
2004 Jan. Obtained ISO 9001: 2000 (General Industrial Parts).
2004 May. Obtained ISO 13485: 2003 (Lancet).
2005 Apr. Purchased adjacent industrial land and building to expand
business (Total ground area 32,860m2, Floor area 26,000m2)
2006 Feb. Obtained No.2 type license for marketing business of medical devices
and license for manufacture of medical devices.
2008 Feb. Relocated the headquarters sales department to Nakanoshima
2008 Jul. Relocated the headquarters to Nakanoshima Kita-ku,Osaka.
2015 Jul. Established APS AMERICA LLC (Georgia, USA) as a subsidiary.

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