Asahi Polyslider is a company which has a largest market share at the medical field.
Our staff members with passion and expertise are making an innovation at cutting-edge factory in Maniwa Japan.
We will achieve customer satisfaction and contribution to the society by accomplishing the following 3 commitment.

  1. Inventing a creative and value-added new product faster than anyone and anywhere else.
  2. Delivering high quality products to the customer all around the world.
  3. Reducing an enviromental load by improving productivity.

Asahi Polyslider Company, Limited
CEO & President
Takafumi Yamanaka

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Environmental Policy

Asahi Polyslider Company, Limited, Okayama Kuse Plant strives to realize a low-carbon society to prevent global warming, a recycling-oriented society to use resources effectively, and symbiosis with nature to protect peoplefs health and the ecosystem, throughout all processes such as material procurement, product development, product distribution, product use and disposal by our customers, and aims for a society enriched with the harmony between sustainable global environment and economic progress.

Basic Measures
  1. Realize energy saving and waste reduction through work streamlining and quality improvement.
  2. Promote recycling of waste to form a recycle-oriented society.
  3. Comply with environmental laws and regulations and also other requirements that our company chooses to comply.
  4. Promote environmentally-friendly development of products and production technologies to realize effective use of resources and to prevent pollution caused by environmentally harmful substances.
  5. Thoroughly manage the chemicals used at our plant and the waste and wastewater from our plant to prevent environmental pollution.
  6. Establish an environmental management system, work on environmental objectives and goals, and periodically review them for continual improvement.
  7. Train all our employees so that they understand our environmental policy and can work on reducing environmental impact.
  8. Disclose our environmental policy to anyone who request it

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